Where Great Teens "Rural" 

& Do Great Thinks!

Our Purpose = Fuel Their Dreams into Their Reality

Our purpose is to empower teens by helping them identify their natural strengths, gifts, and cultivate their skills and talents to explore their purpose through leadership and entrepreneurship, while also providing them with educational opportunities in STEM, the Arts, and Digital eComm. 

The greatest thing about iSaBu Rural East Texas Teens is the beauty in their smile, the light of life in their eyes, and the hope in their voice about acheiving their dreams & helping others to do the same!

Our Mission:

iSaBu's mission is to promote leadership and entrepreneurship among teens by spearheading activities, projects, and charitable events that benefit children, the elderly, and those in need in the rural community. We strive to inspire our youth to pursue their passions through continued education in STEM, the Arts, and Digital eComm. JOIN NOW!

Money Management Program

Just as early childhood development is important to a child's  education , so is finical literacy to our teens.  That's why iSaBu has a 5-point programs for teens and their money:

1. Budgeting: It's important our youth learn how to budget their money early in life, as it's one of the most important aspects of money management. 

2. Investing: iSaBu offers online & on-site classes that can teach teens the basics of investing, such as understanding stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

3. Credit: Understanding credit, its positive and negative impacts is essential for youth to know as early as possible. We strive to teach our teens to understand how to responsibly use credit cards and other forms of credit wisely. 

4. Financial Planning: What if we were taught the importance of financial planning in middle or high school? Oh how much better we could navigated through financial hardship. Today we know having financial plan is essential for setting and achieving financial goals. 

5. Financial Literacy: iSaBu is excited to have partnered with global financial institutions to provided money management classes that will help or teens develop overall financial literacy throughout our rural communities

Leadership &Entrepreneurship  Program (ApplyNow!)

iSaBu provide online and onsite EP classes.  Our teens get to participate with youth nationally and locally.  Helping teens understand that with entrepreneurship a means to making money. It's a mindset and lifestyle.  

Etiquette Program (ApplyNow!)

Whether its the iSaBu's Manner Mini Camps or our full Etiquette Program, your teen will leave far more than good table manners.  iSaBu program includes effective communication skills, dining etiquette, personal and social etiquette and some much more than please and thank you, our youth will develop manners, poise, and style that will set them apart among youth today! Our youth will have access to be both online and on-site.

 STEM Program (ApplyNow!)

iSaBu STEM program is designed to be a learning experience to middle and high schools and a great opportunities to team projects.  We are connected to STEM programs across the USA. Though few of our programs require: grade, age, and citizenship eligabilty, most do not. 

iSaBu Leadership Academy Home

 Way more than foster care, way more than a typical group home! The house of iSaBu Leadership Academy Home we put together a comprehensive program designed to love youth in foster care into young adulthood as they become self-sufficient, supportive, caring and confident leaders in life, community, career and college! Our plan is designed to keep the girls in one academy home until they are successfully placed and bounced around from foster/group home to the next.


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