iSee A Better You was established and has been helping teen girls in 2017.  From the heart of the founding director with a heart to see young girls who lack the means to "pay to play" in life, leadership and learning, she wanted to create a space where if a girl could not get to the opportunity, at least create a space where she could prepare for the oppertunity.   With an holistic approach, iSaBu was designed to build on a young girls strength and not fear her weakness, yet grow great inspite of it.  

Pastor Angela D Green  Executive Director

Dr. Rita Walters CEO

Meet Us

 Please feel free to call our office or simply book an appointment with me for more information! I look forward to collaboration with you soon!!! (My calendar is below)

Shamika Johnson - Educator

Board Secretary

Ashley Damico Green - Educator

Board President

LaJoy Grant - WOSB

Board Member

Catrice Giles-Randle