Fundraising & Support Page

Upcoming Events

Will you give our youth 15 minutes of your time?

We know that when a lot of people give a little, it amounts to a lot and that goes a long way for our organization. It may not seem like much but @iSaBu we believe it can be one of the greatest investments you'll every make in a young person's life.  As caring adults,  smile, a pat on the back and 2-thumbs up, and a donation in any amount can go a long way!

Career/Job Readiness & Equitte Training

We offer our etiquette, career and job readiness PLUS our  STEM programs year round and designed to grow with our youth  as they advance from  6th to 12 grade.

Ways you AND your friends can help our girls!

The youth in our rural communites are really talented kids.  Your contributions will allow them to gain experience, knowledge, and hands on training right here locally, remotely, and online.

Mentoring Moment Program

Join our growing group of professionals who spend 15 minutes a month sharing purpose, passion and joy in their career line of work.

Volunteers NEEDED for on-site & field trips!

On every level we need you to help our youth achieve the maximum experience @iSaBu.  They volunteer and we'll need volunteer chaperons and that's where you come in! 

SaBu Leadership & Academy Homes

Housing specifically for foster teens and teens ageing out of foster care have the exciting opportunity cultivate and prepare for adulthood.  We strive to ensure their transitions from teen foster care to young adulthood is smooth, exciting, rewarding & ready for college, trade school or independent living.